It's all about the details

Like all good, Southern things, calligraphy takes its time. It's a slower, more thoughtful process of putting nib and ink to paper, crafting words and heirlooms one letterform at a time. So, you might as well sit a spell and enjoy a glass of sweet tea (or wine...  if I can join you!) on the back porch, because this might take a minute longer than you're expecting.

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Custom Envelope Addressing

Prices vary depending on which style you select, but a general idea:

Outer Envelope (does not include return address): Starts at $2.25
Inner Envelope (names only): Starts at $1.50
Return Envelope: Starts at $1.50
All calligraphy comes in either standard black or white ink. There is a $20 fee for metallic or custom ink color (oooh... are your wedding colors BLUSH and BASHFUL?  We can mix up the perfect color to match!)
Dark or lined envelopes: additional $0.50 per envelope, as this adds additional steps in the process

*Note that pricing is for calligraphy only. 


Day-of Calligraphy

Prices vary by project, paper selection and ink color, but usually run around the following:

Escort and Place cards: Starts at $1.50

Table Numbers: Starting at $3.25 

Menus: Starting at $4

Spot Calligraphy quoted on request 



Personalized Wedding Day Hangers


Available in Dark Walnut (with either Gold or Silver metal hanger) and Light Walnut. 

(Check my Etsy shop for quantity availability, and if you're not seeing what you need, shoot me a message!)



The nitty-gritty stuff you may be wondering about


Why should I hire a Calligrapher?

In a digital world, where you're more likely to get a text message or Facebook invite to an event, is there anything better than opening your mailbox and seeing a beautifully addressed envelope, with your name in stunning letters? People LOVE seeing their name in elegant script and it makes them feel special - and what is your wedding day, if not the most special event of your life? 

Investing in calligraphy for your wedding day is showing the people in  your life a little SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, if you will.  It's saying you want them to feel as special on your big day as you do. Using calligraphed pieces throughout your day, from the table numbers to the escort cards, to the signage, creates a cohesive look and just helps tie a pretty little bow on everything.

And really... let's be honest here, you should hire a calligrapher because you certainly don't want to come home every evening for the foreseeable future to hand address your own envelopes! It will save you time, frustration and money. It is SO WORTH IT to just open your mailbox one day and see a gorgeous package full of pretty letters, all ready for you to stuff and send - that's the fun part!  (although, I'm more than happy to stuff and send for you, if you'd like to chat about adding additional details such as wax seals or vintage stamps to your order!)  


What is your turnaround time?

It's usually 2-3 weeks, but a good rule of thumb is 1 week per 100 envelopes in your order. I'm careful about my schedule, and accept orders only when I'm sure I can meet the deadline. So, be sure to plan ahead!


Oh my goodness!

I didn't quite plan ahead and now I'm in a pickle! Can you do a RUSH order?

If you're cutting it a bit too close for comfort, still reach out and we'll see what we can do (because honey, I TOTALLY understand! I'm literally LATE for everything in my life! We'll chat and see if we can make magic happen!) There will be a rush fee of 25% of your total order added in, and a rush is defined as any order that is due within 2 weeks. Note that not all rush orders will be accommodated, due to scheduling and other factors, but we'll see what we can do!


What styles do you offer?

I offer multiple styles of calligraphy, that will suite almost any type of event and they can be found HERE. If you're not quite finding what you're looking for, shoot me a message and we'll see if we can find a style that is right for you.


Do you supply the envelopes or paper for day-of items?

For envelopes, no. Not typically. Your stationer will send you envelopes with your invitations, and it's usually best to use those for a cohesive look. If you need help sourcing envelopes, I can certainly help with that, but be sure to ask ahead of time so I can quote that for you, as it will be an additional cost.

For day-of items, I can help source paper or materials for you or work with items supplied. I'm quite flexible, my friend! 


Do I need to order extra envelopes?

YES - good gracious please! As much as I'd like to think so, I'm not perfect and accidents happen. Ink splatters, wonky spacing or I accidentally misspell your cousin Steven's name (because of course he spells it Stephen!).  Always allow at least 20% additional blank envelopes to account for these possibilities, as well as any last minute additions to your guest list. 


How do I send you envelopes or materials?

Usually, it's easiest to have your stationer drop ship the envelopes directly to me (not the full invitation suite, unless I'm helping add special touches like wax seals or vintage stamps - but that's a conversation we'll have if need be!). That's aways a FUN mail day (seriously... I get so excited!). Once your order is complete, I'll send them on their merry way to you directly, via USPS Priority Mail.

If you're local, just let me know and I'll be happy to arrange a pickup! 


How should I send you my guest list?

You can send me your formatted guest list in a Word or PDF format. I prefer them to be formatted as you would see it on the envelope, not straight across in an Excel document. For example:

Mr. and Mrs. David Alexander
1648 West Pine Lake Drive
Savannah, Georgia

and not like this:

David Alexander      1648 West Pine Lake Dr     Savannah GA     31407

I will follow your list PRECISELY! So, triple check your spelling and punctuation! Heck, even have your mama read over it, if need be!  

(And don't you worry about a thing! We'll have plenty of conversations about the calligraphy style you pick and how to format your guest list!)