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love is in the details

Your grandmother's embroidered handkerchief tucked into your pocket. Your mother's pearl earrings she wore on her wedding day. A square of your daddy's blue shirt wrapped around your bouquet.

My name is Kimberly Wilson and I am a modern calligrapher who lives in the gracious South and happens to believe that LOVE IS ALWAYS IN THE DETAILS. The small moments. The handmade heirlooms and tiny treasures. The sweet gestures and little things that communicate thoughtfulness and love.

And it's those details that tell YOUR beautifully unique story. Your wedding day calligraphy begins to communicate that story from the very first save the date or invitation your guests receive, and carries it through to the thoughtful touches on your wedding day.  It sets the tone for the event to come, and creates a sense of anticipation and excitement.


"Oh my stars! If THIS much thought went into the address on an envelope, how amazing is this wedding going to be!"

Let's make your guests giddy with excitement, while also impressing your sweet grandmother with your fine manners and attention to the little things, shall we? (and if by chance, we make your second cousin, Laura Beth a teensy bit jealous with your perfectly lovely details, well...  that's just not your fault, is it?)

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Dirt road, pine trees, sweet sunlight, southern Georgia